Interagency Task Force on Economic Growth and Endangered Species

Created in 2009 by the Texas Legislature, the Task Force provides information and assistance to stakeholders including local and regional governments on federal regulations like the Endangered Species Act (ESA) so that compliance with federal laws is as efficient and cost effective as possible.


The 2009 Legislature’s Senate Bill 2534 created the Interagency Task Force on Economic Growth and Endangered Species.


The task force is charged with providing local and regional governments and the communities they serve with policy and technical assistance regarding compliance with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and related regulations, so that compliance is as efficient and cost effective as possible.


The task force’s member agencies share information on ESA issues; assess the economic impact of proposed listings; develop strategies for protecting endangered species while encouraging economic growth; and provide recommendations and reports on endangered species concerns across the state.

Guiding Principles

The task force adopted principles to guide its activities and the efforts of any related advisory committees, including the development of recommendations for cost effective approaches to endangered species issues.

Information and Outreach

To assist Texas landowners, communities and businesses with endangered species issues, the task force provides information in a clear, easy-to-use format on matters including:

Email Updates

The task force provides information on proposed listings and other actions as well as ESA economic impacts to all who sign up for email updates. Sign up to stay current on endangered species issues.

Meetings and Information Sessions

The task force holds meetings to share important news about species under review and the ongoing initiatives to address endangered species issues that could affect the state’s economy.

Public Comments

Task force member agencies submit comments to appropriate federal agencies and officials on proposed listings and other ESA regulations.

Economic Impact

The task force analyses the potential economic impact of the ESA and possible species listings.

Local Strategies

The task force identifies strategies and tools to help communities, landowners and businesses work with endangered species issues while growing the economy.

Step-by-Step Guide for Local Communities

The task force developed a step-by-step guide for communities to learn more about the resources available to address endangered species issues.

Data on Species under Review

The task force highlights the importance of gathering data on species under review to better understand their status and provide input on listing proposals.

Conservation Plans

Conservation plans are one of the available mechanisms that communities can use to protect economic growth while conserving species of interest.

Local Advisory Committees

The task force creates local advisory committees to provide recommendations on strategies for specific species.

Staff Contact:

Meghan Hope
Natural Resource Policy Specialist
111 E. 17th St.
Austin, Texas 78701
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